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Help for research about Romania


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Good evening to all.

I must make a research about the different countries what circulate on Road in Romania.

I need to know which countries from Europe and Asia, America.  

What kind of problem with the car and with the document. The nationality of the driver is not important, why i know many romanian drive with car from other countries.

I hope all the collegue from this Forum can be helpful.

Have a nice day

Christian Zitzelsberger

Vicepresident Interdocpol

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Good evening Christian,

I've asked some of our colleagues and this was one of the answers given by a colleague from the Traffic Department.

Most of the cars are either driven without MOT(English) / ITP (Romanian) (The annual technical inspection which is compulsory) and/or insurance policies.

The cars are registered in these countries (from most to least): Bulgaria, The United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and catching up fast Sweden. 

I've also asked our colleagues to come and reply here if anyone else has any other information but maybe missed noticing this topic.

Anything else we can help with, please let us know.

The Politisti.ro Community 

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I think you can formally request to the Romanian authorities, bases on the "Public Information Act" (Law 544/2001), the statistics regarding such incidents registered by Police and Border Police, for research purposes!

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Thanks a lot for the Infos.

We try for the next year to organize a international Congress in Bucarest. And for that motive i need all possibile information about car and document problem in Romania.

so the speakers will explain how to resolve the problem.

I wait all possible indication from all the collegue.


Thanks and Best Regards to all

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