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New to the Romanian police community forums? Introduce yourself.


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Hello to all new members of Romanian police community forums


New here? Introduce yourself. Welcome aboard!


Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself and welcome to Politisti.ro.

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For the beginning.... "Willkommen in unserem forum"    and of course  "benvenuti nel nostro forum Politsti.ro"   :clip: 
We want to make you feel very comfortable here and show you our hospitality
I see your C.V. is very well-gifted and I'm sure we'll have a lot to learn from your knowledge, so we hope you'll take some spare time for us to share opinions...
By the way: Nice goatee !  :good:  exactly like the ones I saw to Carabinieri !
Ciao, ci sentiamo !

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I salute this new approach by the administrating team of our forum. It is a fast, cheap and a great method for us to learn a lot more there is to know about our job.

I hope we will be able to have a fruitful exchange of information and ideas, concerning this beautiful line of work, exchange that would benefit all of us here so that we can mark some uncheck boxes on our evergrowing skill set tree.


Without any further ado, I welcome you here and hope that many more of our foreign counterparts sign up !

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Hello and welcome to everyone.


My name is Curec Imrich Ian. I am from Romania. I am working at the Romanian Border Police at BCP Bors wich is in the north west of Romania near  city Oradea, at the border with Hungaria.

I am a border guard since i have graduated the Border Police School in 2004. I am speaking enghish, slovac and hungarian language.  I am working in first line of border ckeck.I my BCP i am specialized in fake documents and stolen cars.


I hope that in the future all  members wich are on this forum, they will be able to share information to help othes colleagues in their work to fight against international crimes.

If somebody needs my help please do not hesitate.


Best wishes to everyone.

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Ooh, I'm glad to hear that.... I think is for the first time when I talk to a stranger and he tells me that he knows my town. It' very hopeful for me.
Anyway, what my colleague told you, is valid also in my case. If you'll ever come again in Ramnicu Valcea, contact me, would you... !?
Let'a talk about your work... Are you officer or under-officer...? how are Carabinieri divided ? I know you have military ranks... And tell us how are you distributed in territory  :)

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I think i will turn back one day to visit your town.


The carabinieri have military ranking 


Looks like here




the distribution on the national territory it so make it.


About history here




I'm a chosen appointee. the level before Vice brigadier or Sergeant.

In italy the situation actually it s not so fine how many officers think. Many times when you work you are not see good from the officer while you bring work in the office. 

Sometimes the situation it s really not easy. 

An example: My Chief don t ask nothing over Fake documents or visual identification. He thinks there are other things more important than the real identification from a person.

And think in three month 18 fake documents discovered and four person arrested. 

In a little comunity like Egna here near Bolzano.


It s terrible don t understand the risk of so a type of crimes. But i love my job anch make it with passion.


I hope to have the possibility to come at Springtime.

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Also in Romania the superiors are not satisfied by our work and don't understand some things you have to deal with, in the street... From their office is very simple and not so dangerous as it really is.....and also warm in winter and cold in summer :)

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Can you give me some information where can i check car wich are rentet from italian companies. We had some cases with cars wich were rented from italian and german companies, with moldavian, ucrainian drivers. The problem it is that drivers are coming usualy in the night and weekendd.From germany a have contacts from rent companies. If it is possibile to help me with italian. And also a car wich is in leassing waht documents the driver must have if it is going out from italy and if the driver it is not the guy who bougt the car. I refering about fraud to rent and leasing companies. (Modus operandi)

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This is the normal way to fraud the rent and leasing companies.


For the controll of a rent car make this while. Normally he start from german or italy and drive through romania or bulgaria while he are EU partners. The driver can be Ucranian, Moldovian, Polnish, etc....

He are only the driver. They take the car and after he drive........ And normally he us fake documents and Credit card Visa o r Mastercard Gold to pay the rent. The agency don t make problem by so a kind of credit card....

Normally there 250 cars stolen in germany only by Europcar ever year


There are normally restrictions on travel to Eastern European countries

·       Is the person who hired the vehicle actually in the vehicle?

·       Is the vehicle being checked really the rented vehicle (VIN comparison)?

·        Is the person driving the vehicle named as a driver in the hire agreement?

·       Original car hire agreements are normally filled out by computer

·       Compare the car hire agreement with personal identity documents and vehicle data

·        Forged or falsified documents are often sued when hiring cars!

·       Check the validity of the hire agreement



For italian rent society look this link.




here you find all italian office with phonenumber.

are divided in country

the two lines  to us are they with.


Alfabetico Piemonte etc......

Marche     Lazio


Not clic on alfabetico but clic on the countries so you have the agency for every single Region. 


I hope he responde.....and give you are answer

other link for rent car divided for city you can find here





God bless you and have a nice day

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  • 1 month later...


I have an curiosity.

I am 24 years old and I am studying Police School.I want to know if I can  be policeman in another country,for example U.K,Spain,Italy because Romania is member of U.E

Thanks :)

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  • 2 months later...

Excuse me for the passing time over your question. In italy you can be only make one thing. Have the italian citizien and you became it after 5 - 7 years. and after you must make the military for three years and after that time you can make the change to the Statepolice, Carabinieri or Financepolice. But the problem is you don t must have more than 28 years. The age limit for the Police forces in Italy.

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